Binary options trading is highly speculative, it involves a high risk and therefore is not suitable for all investors.
There is a possibility that you lose all or a part of the invested capital that’s why you should not speculate with a capital that you can not afford to lose.
Please read carefully our terms and conditions of use of our platform.



26.1. In a special operations or specific orders (such as long-term positions, Deferred Settlement Service (SRD), and / or high efficiency) framework, and for obvious reasons of profitability, the Client will be entitled to withdrawal, within sixty days after receipt of funds, (in the case of SRD), and sixty days after the operation for any other special operations. Once the order given, neither the Company nor the Client may cancel, terminate or request a refund of the transaction. As part of an SRD operation, the Client agrees to reimburse the Company within the negotiated time period between the Client and the Company before the operation.


27.1.The Company may offer its clients management mandates implemented via the intermediary consulting firm. The management contract is not mandatory and must be completed and signed by the Client and sent back to the Company by email. It will take effect upon receipt and validation of services.

27.2. The Client declares to be aware that subscription to a managed account has risks. Traded securities may vary upward or downward depending on market fluctuations and investors may not get back the amount invested in the event of a market downturn.

27.3. The Company will in no way be held responsible for any investment decision made based on reliable economic information and technical analyzes of current trends or even the result of an operation made under a managed account

27.4. The Client acknowledges that the Company shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses or damages incurred by the Client arising from any inaccuracies or errors in the information provided the Client.


28.1. Depending on the type of Group-Investment account chosen, the Client may obtain various benefits such as capital guaranteed. This guarantee allows the recovery of capital invested (and only the capital invested) in the event of total loss of the balance amount. This guarantee is valid only once, for the first 30 days of the first deposit.

28.2. The capital guaranteed may be given only if a study on orders and past operations is performed. If the Company realizes that the Client has created voluntary losses, the Company can in no way initiate this insurance.

28.3. In the case of collection of funds, the Client will be entitled to withdrawal sixty days after being re-credited. In addition, the Client will only be able to withdraw profits realized from these funds and not the funds collected.

28.4. To obtain this guarantee, the Client shall in no case post or transmit any false, offensive, defamatory, threatening, obscene, illegal information or information detrimental to society (Forum, Focus Group). If the Company is aware of such information appearing on any website whatsoever, this Agreement shall be expressly canceled at the sole discretion of the Company, and the trading account frozen.


29.1. The Company offers clients, different types of investments besides various trading tools available on the Company’s website.

29.2. These investments, called futures, involve investing funds for a given period at a fixed rate of return.

29.3. At the end of this period the Client may :

  • 1 - Renew for the same period or extend the period with compound interest.
  • 2 - Renew for the same period or extend the period with the interest transferred to its current account or on its trading account.
  • 3 - Transfer the entire amount to its trading account.

29.4. Once invested, the client may in no way release the funds ahead of schedule and must wait for the contract to end in order to access funds and benefits. Except in exceptional circumstances or force majeure, the Company may release the funds, in which case the Client will have to pay a penalty of 50% of the amount invested, and the benefits and expected interest and / or that generated by the investment, will be cancelled


30.1.When the Client sponsors an individual on the Company website, the latter offers the Client a commission. The Client can choose between a premium of 10% of the amount deposited by the person sponsored, transferred to its trading account, or 5% of the deposit in direct transfer to its current account, under conditions established by its advisor.

30.2. This is valid for one time only on the first deposit of the individual sponsored at the opening of its trading account.