Binary options trading is highly speculative, it involves a high risk and therefore is not suitable for all investors.
There is a possibility that you lose all or a part of the invested capital that’s why you should not speculate with a capital that you can not afford to lose.
Please read carefully our terms and conditions of use of our platform.



25.1. The Company has the right to amend this Agreement without the Client’s prior consent. If the Company makes significant changes to the Agreement, it will provide notice of such a change to the Client within 10 working days. This change shall take effect on the date specified in the notice. Unless otherwise agreed, a change will have no impact on current transactions or legal rights and obligations that may already exist.

25.2. If the trading account is a joint account (on behalf of more than one entity) and that each entity is authorized to represent the other, without the need of any prior notice or approval, each of these entities agree that any notice or instruction given by the Company to any of the entities are taken as given to all entities. In case of conflict between the instructions given to the Company by different entities, the last instruction received by the Company shall prevail.

25.3. Language, opinions and complaints - All communications between the Company and the Client will be in French, English or in a language suitable to both the client and the Company.

25.4. Unless otherwise stated, all information, instructions and other communications from the Company will be given by phone at a number provided by the Client, by email or by other electronic means, the details of which have been given by the Client to the Company’s customer service management, that shall investigate the complaint and make every effort to solve the problem. The complaint should be addressed to: [email protected]

25.5. The Company has the right, in order to collect funds due the Company by the Client or to protect the rights of the Company, such as intellectual property, privacy, etc. ., to bring legal proceedings against the Client immediately in the Client’s country of residence and according to the law in force in the Client’s country of residence.

25.6. In cases where the Client ceases all trading activity or its activity involves a small volume over a period of time defined by the Company, or if the Client does not have a minimum amount of funds in its trading account, as defined by the Company, the latter may charge the trading account at a rate determined by the Company from time to time, and / or terminate this Agreement.