Binary options trading is highly speculative, it involves a high risk and therefore is not suitable for all investors.
There is a possibility that you lose all or a part of the invested capital that’s why you should not speculate with a capital that you can not afford to lose.
Please read carefully our terms and conditions of use of our platform.



16.1. The Company will open an account for the Client after receiving confirmation that the Client has accepted this Agreement.

16.2.The trading account is activated by the Company once the Company has identified the funds the Client has credited to its trading account. The Company may activate the trading account, subject to limitations and additional requirements that the Company may impose. In the event that the trading account is activated, but these requirements are not met, the Company may freeze activity in the trading account. If a trading account is not activated or is frozen, the funds held by the Company in respect of this trading account cannot be transferred.

16.3. Regarding all transactions under the Agreement, the Company may act, at the Company’s sole discretion, as principal or as agent on behalf of the Client’s account. To this end, the Company may act as a party to the Client’s trading activity. The Client confirms that it acts as principal and not as agent or trustee on behalf of someone else.

16.4. The Client declares and guarantees that its commitment to the Company in this Agreement and its use of services are in full compliance with the law applicable to the Client.

16.5. If a person registers on Group-Investment on behalf of any company or other client commercial entity, the name of that particular person will be kept at the time of registration. That person will be authorized to represent that company or other commercial client entity.

16.6. When a Client makes an entry in Group-Investment, it must choose a username and a password that only it can use whenever it logs in in, order to use the site’s services and carry out transactions. With the same goal of protecting the Client’s confidential data and its operations on Group-Investment, the Client is not allowed to share the registration mode with other persons or commercial entities. In this case, Group-Investment will not be held responsible for damages or losses incurred by the Client in the event of improper (including prohibited and unprotected) use of username and password; especially in the case of use by a third person, whether it is or is not known or authorized by the Client.

16.7. The Client assumes responsibility each time it connects to the site with its username and password. Group-Investment cannot be held responsible for any use made of its site. Also Group-Investment can never confirm that the Client is the one currently operating its account.

16.8. Investments are made via Services Ltd. financial transaction processing services.