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You want your money to grow while preserving your freedom of action ?
You want to keep savings available when needed or to implement projects ?

Group-Investment offers a range of solutions for dynamic management of your surplus cash. So your savings is paid and remain available at any time.

1 - Specify a Duration

2 - Determined the Amount

3 - Calculate your interests





A term deposit is very simply to place a predetermined amount for a predetermined period, to an account.

Depending on the amount invested and the chosen term, an interest rate is established at the end of this period.

The interest rate on the term deposit is subject to negotiation between the bank and its client. The interest rate can be fixed or variable if it is indexed on the money market.

The money must remain blocked for at least a month. Otherwise, the term deposit produces no interest.

The term deposit is one of the most effective investments and most profitable market.

Often used in the world of trading as a way to secure capital and earnings, others will see it as a way to diversify its investments.
The term deposit contract does not imply any amount, a minimum of 6 months depending on the amount of invested deposit, however, the higher the deposit amount, the more interest will be consistent, it is the same for the duration of your investment.

Your funds are positioned on a separate account from your trading account to properly separate your assets. However you keep access and total visibility of your term deposit account. Upon subscription, we will send you your new access dedicated solely to your term deposit account.
  • - Futures accounts offer a higher rate than the average savings account.
  • - You are certain that the interest rate does not decline over time.
  • - You know exactly how much in advance of interest you can expect.
  • - There is no entry fee, no management fees and no exit fee at maturity.