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Why Trade Binary options ?


Binary Options allow a trader to take advantage of market volatility on a broad range of products including FX, Metals, Commodities, Indices and Stocks. Binary Options are one of the fastest growing investment products for both retail and institutional investors. The characteristics of trading Binary Options include:

They are fast-moving and have a broad range of expiry times from 60 seconds to long-term contracts

Excellent risk management ensures that the trader will know the maximum potential loss before entering into the trade

Due to the fact that a Binary Option settle at 100 or 0, if the underlying product’s price is just a fraction over the option price on an Up option, it makes Binary Options an excellent means to trade the market in static conditions profit can be made even in low volatility trading environments.

With Group-Investment, Binary Options can be extremely flexible allowing traders to take a view on many types of binaries

Short-term expiry. Group-Investment has 60 second binary options which allow traders to take a very short-term view on the current price levels of a given product.

Group-Investment allows clients to use Binary Options to take advantage of market movements on a very broad array of products including FX, metals, commodities, indices and equities.

Trading Binary Options can be an excellent supplement to traditional FX and CFD trading.